Twitter Account Hacker Tools 2014 Download

twitter-account-hack-toolsTwitter Account Hacker Tools 2014 Download

How to use?

- Log into your desired social account

- Open hack

- Select the right tool

- Type your/victim email press “VIEW”




What parents need to know Twitter?

Parents need to know that Twitter is a free “microblogging” and social networking site that brings up issues of safety, privacy, and lasting digital footprint. The service allows users to post brief, 140-character messages — called “tweets” — and follow their friends’ activities through the web, IM, or cell phones. Updates to Twitter appear immediately and, while you can remove Tweets, your followers can still read what you wrote until it’s gone. Anything you upload to the Internet — including Twitter updates — can linger in cyberspace for a long time. Users can choose to keep their tweets private and individually approve followers, and this is what we recommend for teen users. Twitter is increasingly being used as a promotional tool for products and celebrities, though users can limit their exposure to ads and promos by keeping their Twitter circle among real friends. Users can choose to post their location along with each Tweet, which raises privacy and safety concerns, but users must opt in to this feature.

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